DevOps Consulting—Why Your Company Needs it

DevOps Consulting—Why Your Company Needs it

There has been a lot of hype and buzzwords going around for the past several years about DevOps.  If you own a technology-based company, you’ve probably been approached by individuals about it.  You’ve probably read a little about it; but, do you think you need to go so far as to contact a consulting firm to help you learn and transition your business to this methodology?  Read on before making your final decision.

Professional Software Consulting

DevOps can be confusing and hard to understand.  That is why you need DevOps consulting to help you wade through all the confusing words and concepts.  They will help you take your idea and sculpt into something that is both cost effective and efficient.  Professional consultants know the business and can help you get the most out of your software while delivering a product that you had envisioned for your company.

Consulting Tailored to You

There are many forms of consulting and there is no right or wrong for you to apply it to a project.  At the beginning of any project, whatever consultant you choose should take the time not only get to know you, but your idea, your vision, your company and yes—even your competitors. Being able to write code is not enough.  A good consultant should be able to understand what technology you’re building and the reason behind it.

A good consultant should not try to change your plan but should rather be working along with you to make the transition as easy as possible.  Sometimes, it will take a total revamp of the way you do things now.  At others, the system may only need to be tweaked.  In either case, a consultant would be invaluable.

Technology Choices Matter

It is important that the consultant does not try to sell you, the customer, whatever their company produces the most of.  Sometimes that product will work.  Sometimes it won’t.  If it doesn’t, a good consultant should be able to offer you a different approach as a choice that you make.

A consultant is a human implement.  In other words, they should be a tool for you to build your business to the point you want it to go.  If your company has a different product, the consultant should have the knowledge base and integrity to help address your specific needs.

Transparent and Honest

The above words are more than just hype.  Being transparent and honest are two qualities that should be at the bottom of any company’s priority list.  Try to find a company that had not only worked with a company similar to yours in size and product, but also worked larger companies as well.

With experience comes knowledge and a qualified consultant should have a varied and expansive background.  If they do not, then there are certainly situations that they have not encountered which you see every day in your business.


The DevOps culture is helping technology businesses deliver a better product, faster and more widely than ever before.  They are embracing automation as away to provide better customer service, better technology and even improving the bottom line of technology companies not matter the size of the company.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your company needs to change and grow, it may be a good idea to search for devops consulting firms.  They will have the knowledge, expertise and ability to help your business change for the better.  It may cost; but if you are in the technology business change comes fast.  You have to change with it.

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