DevOps Trends in 2019

DevOps Trends in 2019

For years many people in the technology field didn’t think that DevOps would last.  Surprise!  DevOps has now become a major way the world of software design has changed—and will continue to do so.  Some leaders in the field believe that DevOps will reach another milestone in 2019.  Following are some of the reasons why.

Shifting the Focus from a Pipeline to DevOps Assembly

While a pipeline show what the creator visualizes for an app from inception to production, a DevOps Assembly line focuses more on automation of part or even all of the process.  Even development can work in this model since continuous delivery is essential in the delivery of product to all stakeholders.

Automation Will Become the Primary Focus

DevOps is working toward a zero-touch automation that will be the future of technology.  If your company, whether a design or production company, does not have the automation capacity right now, DevOps believes you should develop a means to automate everything.  There are 6 C’s in the DevOps model and instigating automation between each cycle is the main objective, and from with the information reveals, this is the goal for 2019.


Coupled with the above-mentioned pipeline is the rapid response to address concerns and needs of the customer.  This can be automated too, so security must be a design feature from the very beginning.  In doing this, instead of adding it on later, is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound.  Even a temporary lapse in security is dangerous in the modern-day hacker and cyber thieves’ atmosphere.

Recently there has been the development of more DevSecOps.  This is simply adding security in the beginning stage of application design.  This ensures that everyone is responsible for security and therefore there will be less drama when then things do go wrong.

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