DevOps Infrastructure

DevOps Infrastructure

Integrating DevOps infrastructure into your technology business can be a life changing, or business changing, event.  But you first must understand what that means.  Following is some points which may help you start in the right direction.

Composable Infrastructure

On the operational side of DevOps, automation is primarily about infrastructure as code. You have to make it easy to fit all the pieces together so that the resources can be used in whatever roll is needed over their life time.

Transform with Hybrid IT

If the technology you currently are using does not fit, make it so.  By integrating new technology with the old, you can make it work.  There are other companies out there in the same situation.  In the spirit of DevOps, reach out to them and work together to make both of your companies better.

Driving continuous delivery

This is the new thing on the block.  By switching to the continuous delivery pipeline, you can take advantage of new platforms for testing and developers.  At the same time, this enables you to not only find the problem, but fix it quickly so that the latest version can be automatically released to the public

Companies may have a difficult time with this radical concept of the way to develop, test, and release a product, but fewer errors and faster cycling.  This can mean everything when software is critical to your company and your customers.

Take it slow

While the world of DevOps culture seems to be moving at warp speed, it is important to remember to transition your own company slowly and with care.  There are definitely positive reasons to do it but it is not worth stopping everything to make the transition to across the entire organization at once.  For one thing, the business may not be able to survive a total shut down to make the change.

Focus on small wins first.  Perhaps start with one independent team, such as a roll out of a new mobile app that is up to be developed.  Even with just one team, move slowly when replacing manual testing methods with the automated process or for continuous integration.  Running both methods at the same time maybe a good idea as you slowly add more teams for automation, while at the same time decreasing the old methods over time.  This should decrease the quality or the output, but should allow better integration.

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